Hello world =P

Posted on: November 22, 2010

yeah..another new blog from me after vox shut down.. basically there’s nothing much to say. I’m in Rayong right now. If you don’t know where the hell is Rayong, it is in Thailand. which part of Thailand? Go get a map! haha…I only know Rayong after i know my hubby. If not, i dun even know where the hell is Rayong apatah lagi datang ke sini =P

I’m using WordPress now…is it cool? i don’t know until i posted a few entries. I’ll make a new blog again if i don’t like it =P…that’s a warn from me WordPress. Don’t shut down like Vox.Please.

I’ll come back later when I have something really cool to write. Till then..see ya later =)

hehe..below are some crap pics i took..fancy my pink nails? the color matches my favorite Thailand  yogurt =)


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