Food for Tummy

Posted on: November 23, 2010

Hi there sweeties..good morning =) I just finished cleaning dishes in the kitchen after saying goodbye to my hubby. He went off for work. Just wanna upload a few pictures that I’ve taken last night. A very nice tuna sandwich . The white bread in Thailand is driving me’s so tender, fluffy and soft…I can’t stop saying ‘sedapnyeeeee’ to my hubby and he just smile whenever I say it. haha. IT IS DELICIOUS. I’m not a bread person. I only eat bread when there is no food left and if i feel really2 hungry.

But last night, when we went to the nearby Tesco, I’m checking out the sandwiches rack..and my mouth was watering =p (I tasted the tuna sandwich during the last visit, hence..the mouth watering part came in).hehe. So, I bought 1 and put a couple of pizzas  I took earlier  back on their rack (they sell pizzas in triangle packets, also delicious =))-dengan alasan diet kunun..MUST eat less.

I also tried bird’s  nest beverage last night. My hubby bought it for us before he came back home from work. It looks yucky. I heard that this bird’s nest is good for health. I asked him ‘what is it for?’ then he said ‘good for health’..haha..’iyela…in what aspects?’…still no good answer. So this morning I typed ‘the benefits of bird’s nest’ in Google. So here the results taken from

According to the Chinese medicine practitioners Some of the function of the bird’s nest are:

  • Enhancing the rebirth of cells and tissues(Epidermal growth factor) .
  • Improving the immune system functions of our body(strengthening ones body regulating actions and resistance to diseases).
  • Preventing cancer and aiding in the treatment of cancer patients.
  • Improving heart functions and reducing blood pressure.
  • Regulating internal fluid supply.
  • Healing illnesses such as chronic influenza, cough, asthma or throat infection.

Pregnant woman who consume bird’s nest during pregnancy will help improve their health and benefit the foetus. It also help in post natal recovery better.

Woman who consume bird’s nest regularly will result in younger, fairer skin that look radiant.

Children who consume bird’s nest regularly will enhances their immune system, building up their resistance against flu and common cold.

Elderly who consume bird’s nest will help to clears phlegm, strengthen lungs and kidneys, improves spleen as well as enhancing one appetite.

Men who consume bird’s nest will improves kidney and strenghten lungs.

My hubby bought the ‘sugar free’ and ‘rock sugar’ bird’s nest. I like the ‘sugar free’ better. Surprisingly..they don’t taste yucky at all. Nice =)

Last food I ate this morning, croissant which I bought from Tesco as well. DAMN delicious. kununnnnnUntil  then, I’m going to the kitchen and prepare lunch for us. Time for Malay dishes…the BEST!


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