Little Drama: Surprise Candle Light Dinner

Posted on: November 27, 2010

Last night was quite an eventful night. I made a little drama by being a little romantic.Hehe. I surprised him with a candle light dinner. Not an expensive one. In fact, a very low cost one and sempoi. We just ate instant noodles and fruits because we decided to eat lighter meal for dinner.

One thing I did yesterday  prior to the candle light dinner which makes me proud. I went out from our house and walked about  10 meters to the nearest shop at the neighborhood to buy candles. I never walk out from the house compound alone. Note that I’m in a Siamese neighborhood where dogs will bark and bite me at any time. And plus the orang2 jahat. Huhu. But yeah, I did it. I brought 500 baths (equal to RM50) to buy 4 small candles. Wakaka..the Makcik at the shop must be pissed off. I didn’t have small change at that time.

Talk about buying candles, I actually drew the image of a candle on a piece of paper considering me, not-so–proficient to talk Thai. I said to the Makcik, ‘Put Thai medai’ (I cannot speak Thai) plus a very sweet smile. The Makcik smile and frown and replied in Thai language which I could not make sense at all. Is she mad? Is she laughing at me? I don’t know. But during the candle light dinner, she stopped by to say hello. Lucky she knows my hubby.  So here are some pictures during the making of this little drama =P

Special appearance: Makcik kedai runcit belakang rumah =))


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