Think Skirt

Posted on: December 2, 2010

I love wearing skirts. They make women look feminine. But I doubt wearing it sometimes, afraid that I may look shorter and plumper. But wearing it makes me feel i’m on holiday and feels relaxed. I love the way this celebrities and models wear their skirts (and obviously they look good)

Jeans skirt-funky and feminine

red with cream..auwww 😉


lovely and relaxed~

Nicole looks gorgeous in this skirt


cantik sgt sgt sgt =)

wear it with heels..nice!


pink and cream look quite nice together and the huge bag is definitely a great accesory


weedy green and stripes


creamish, i loike =)


light brown skirt with deep red clutch and a pair of red shoes

a nice jacket, a nice handbag, and a gorgeous skirt with beads =)

A skirt looks great if you match it with a clutch/a sling bag and a big bag. They matches almost any type of shoes too. Even the flip flop! (see Jesica Alba above). And you can wear a piece of jacket to get a semi-casual look. There’s no reason not to love skirts! 😉



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