Birthday Countdown

Posted on: December 3, 2010

Another 28 days to my birthday. I’ll be 24 soon! phew~I’m still young right? Last night my hubby told me that he wants to take me to a nice restaurant somewhere in Bangkok (I know,he should not tell me this!) I said to him it’s ok, I’m ready  for or used to ‘not-going-to-happen’ events.huhu. Life is uncertain right? We can just plan and He decides what’s best for us.

So, here I am planning for what to wear on my birthday. I know I look crappy most of the time. I am not a fashionista. In fact, until now I still cant find my best style. A lot of people critic on what  I wear and that includes my mom. She’s a fashionista and I don’t inherit it from her.Sigh.

I’m thinking of wearing a maxi with a blazer. I saw them a lot on the lookbook and I kinda like the style. Look at Hana Tajima (pictures below). I think her style is gorgeous!

I have to go for a shopping first and start dieting. I don’t want to look fat in this.



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