Dreams are not for shared.

Posted on: March 8, 2011

It sounds negative. But it is very true. I once read a status from Paulo Coelho on FB , he said,” your dreams belong to you, don’t tell others”. It hits me now. I told someone about my dreams, and I got a smirk. That smirk only give a pain already to my heart, especially when I trust  that person. At least that person would say, “sounds interesting”. But yeah, we cant programme people to love what we love and to like each of our dream (especially when they are a lot)

I’m not the type of person who love to share everything to everyone. My concerns about future and past, my experiences, my sweet  and sour moments…they are all in this little tumbler. my heart. But of course you have those people who you wouldn’t mind sharing these things with. The type of people who you would show everything you’ve got from black to white. The ugly and the beautiful truth. But it broke my heart lately that the person I thought I can rely on, or at least  a little supportive is not supportive as i thought.

That is when i decide,  dreams are not for shared. I won’t tell a thing. God knows and that’s enough for me.


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