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It sounds negative. But it is very true. I once read a status from Paulo Coelho on FB , he said,” your dreams belong to you, don’t tell others”. It hits me now. I told someone about my dreams, and I got a smirk. That smirk only give a pain already to my heart, especially when I trust  that person. At least that person would say, “sounds interesting”. But yeah, we cant programme people to love what we love and to like each of our dream (especially when they are a lot)

I’m not the type of person who love to share everything to everyone. My concerns about future and past, my experiences, my sweet  and sour moments…they are all in this little tumbler. my heart. But of course you have those people who you wouldn’t mind sharing these things with. The type of people who you would show everything you’ve got from black to white. The ugly and the beautiful truth. But it broke my heart lately that the person I thought I can rely on, or at least  a little supportive is not supportive as i thought.

That is when i decide,  dreams are not for shared. I won’t tell a thing. God knows and that’s enough for me.


a fashion guru (Sarah Jessica Parker maybe?)
a personal assistant (Wendy Healy’s has quite a cute and funny one)
a chef
a life coach (maybe the one like Ketut Lier in EAT PRAY LOVE)
a stylist
a make up artist

none of these people will be mine. Start living in reality and face the truth.

in his pyjamas

“Lafaz-lafaz tahun baru yang membakar semangat, biasanya dilepaskan tanpa keseriusan. Sekadar menjadi tradisi tahunan. Akhirnya kelihatanlah awal tahun seakan membakar semangat diri menjadi raksasa yang bakal menggemparkan dunia pada tahun itu. Namun di pertengahan, yang berlaku hanyalah penurunan demi penurunan”-Hilal Aysraf

Aku nak tergelak baca part ” raksasa yang bakal menggemparkan dunia pada tahun ini” wakaka =D .Most of us cenggitu =P. Inilah penyakit demam tahun baru.

Read more here:

We went to Laemtong, a shopping mall in Matapult last night. We’re actually went there to buy a water filter for our aquarium. Unfortunately, the shop closed and so we went for window shopping. I am not good at window shopping. Hehe. I’m good at Buying! so here are some stuff  that I’d ‘caught’.

breads, cakes and puddings..come on, EAT..Pray..Love

for my flabby elephant arms..=P


for breakfast..banana cupcakes~


for entertainment =) these are in shopping list ok?hehe



Ok, enuf of blog hopping. It’s time to read a book or at least a good article.

~read for your soul~


While I was strolling with my hubby around Rayong, Patayya and Bangkok, I noticed that Thai girls are very skinny AND healthy. I was like “Alahai, sedapnye mata memandang…” In  Malaysia, I found it’s not easy to find skinny girls. Most of them are plump or fat and that includes me.(Happy or not it’s an eyesore). If Malaysians are slim or skinny, it’s probably genetic. I asked my hubby why Thai girls are so skinny. Do they not eat? Impossible…because at night there are loads of stalls along the main roads, countless night markets and their 7Elevens and Tescos got varieties of foods compared to Malaysia. My husband said they don’t eat much like us.

I typed ‘Thai Girl Diet’ in Google this morning to get to know more about their diet and I came across a  forum discussing what real Thai food really is and their eating habit. Here are some excerpts taken :-

  • “Real” Thai food has not concerned any process of fried or stewed or curries.
    We always use “pounded (with mortar and a pestle stick) or mixed or roasted (grilled)” much more.
  • The main course of each Thai meal is “nam prik (one of more than 100 styles)”  eating with several types of blanched or fresh vegetable. Together with some roasted fish or meat.
  • Traditional thai sweets (example kanom tuai) are really not very sweet at all. others like golden balls alsoo are not so sweet

And read this as well, it is posted by a Thai girl who lives in California

“I have an average figure now. I used to have a very thin figure though. Back then, I ate a lot of Thai food and I remained in my thin figure without gaining a pound. But now, my mom has stopped cooking for a while and I’m stuck to eating very addictive American junk food (which is the usual diet here..). Because of that I’ve gained a lot of weight. Thai food can be customized by the cook to level the balance of fat in the meal. My mom always prepares hefty dishes with great taste and very healthy ingredients. I’d say the quickest way to get fat is American junk food. Most Thai girls that you see are kept thin because they eat full meals and according to time. In America, we just snack away at any time through the day with soda and chips and candy. Thai food has rich ingredients that improves the quality of the taste, and it’s healthy as long as you eat the appropriate food during the approariate time of the day.”

If you came across any Thai food which are oily, sweet or in other word fattening, it might be adapted with other countries style of cooking.

Look what this (guy) tourist thinks 😉 :

“Goddamn Thai girls have the best looking legs and feet, and their attitude is to die for. What a body, What an attitude. If only American women have a few of the well shaped legs here and 1/4 the right attitude I would be very much happy.Damn, Thailand is unspoiled. Its developing and so will get expensive soon. For now its nice and nice and nice.My first few days here and I am drooling like a dog over a piece of meat. God save me.”

There is another blog discussing the same issue (body issue?) 😉

Maybe later I should write about Som Tam, the Thailand dish which is believed can help reduce weight.

Wish she can be as skinny as Thai girls,

He’s the best!

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Cheer Up and Listen To Music~Yeah

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