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Ok, enuf of blog hopping. It’s time to read a book or at least a good article.

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Have u seen a book with two titles? I mean with an ‘or’ in between titles? It’s like you can choose which title  you want. Usually,  I found books that have  titles and hints for example like this one… Langit Ilahi (Tuhan tidak lupakan Kita).

But last night,  only last night I  realized that a book that I bought on 4th Nov has two titles and a hint. hoho…It’s no big deal but seriously?

This is my first book with two titles. You know the content when you read the hint..basically a book that helps you to be a better person and obviously- happier. This book is written by Orison Swett Marden. He uses a very high standard of English. He made me look into dictionary frequently. huhu…but all in all, it’s a good book. Even the first chapter hits me. Here are a couple of excerpts taken from the book.  Malas nak type So snap je ngan sony erricson ku =P

He’s the best!

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