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I’ve made a tour into Martha Stewart’s homes (of course through her website), and I came across a few kitchen ideas. Kitchen tends to get messy and smelly. Most of us don’t know how to organize those utensils accordingly. I found some inspirations which might help us to reorganize our kitchen.

1. use glass doors cabinet if you are a visual person.but this tends to make your kitchen  looks crowded.

2. sink is better near the window. i don’t know why but it’s better than under the cabinets.

3. keep a small ladder or stool to get things in higher storage.


I fell in love with this interior. OMG! I really gonna decorate my house like this!

This is VERY Carrie Bradshaw I would say. I  love  all the details in these pictures. These will make my guests feel anything but boring =)

Pictures taken from LIVE GLAM OR DIE

I’m thinking of having a ‘cosy corner’  in our new house. A corner where I can rest, think, read or just have a cup of coffee all by myself. A corner where I can disconnect myself from the world. I got some inspirations from Livingetc and Living Agency.

ain't this awesome?

Some pictures to stare at~


I love the yellow chair and the lamp=)

Must have A blanket and A cushion.

I can sit and 'hide' here the whole day


The table is simple and gorgeous

The armchair looks comfy..ummm..

Classy =)

So basically I need an armchair, a small table, a blanket, and a fluffy cushion. Ahh~ I can imagine myself sitting at the corner, sipping a cup of tea, inhaling a fresh air…Oh,I really can’t wait to have my own cosy corner =)


I always love colors. Any colors. But I have a soft spot for green. Whenever I want to pick house utensils, stationery,decorations… the green ones will capture my heart but I take other colors. I wonder why. Am I not brave enough to try green?Green will never make you go wrong..neither your house. That’s why Allah creates green grass and leaves. It’s very calming..cooling..

I’m thinking of making a few changes next year to our house by adding splashes of green. As my hubby said… too much of something is not good. Well yeah, he’s right. You don’t have to color the entire wall in your house with green. It’ll look weedy. Just add a small plant into your house. Add tiny green cushions. Green flower pots (i’m gonna try this) and many more ideas. Any shades of green will do. I collected a few pictures from Internet for inspirations.

Look! even Blake Lively and Kate Moss love green!

green is a new black,

He’s the best!

~A Smile breeds Love~

Cheer Up and Listen To Music~Yeah

~Just Me and You~