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I’m not a fan of Harry Potter. I never read the books and  watch only 1 of the movies (which made me fall asleep in the cinema). I guess I’m not a fan of fantasy films. However, there is something about Harry Potter I like lately. One of the casts, Emma Watson. I saw her ad in FashionTV. She’s a woman now! I can’t remember when she’d been a teenager. But whatever, look at her in this Burberry ad. She’s a goddess! I’m drooling over Burberry bags and jackets too~hehe



If I were Wendy or Nicole in Lipstick Jungle,  I would be pretty jealous with Victory. She’s hot and  she’s got to wear nice clothes and fancy accessories because she is a fashion designer in the story. In other word, she’s stylish. She’s bubbly, cheerful, and quite immature compared to her other two girlfriends. She looks fabulous in every episodes even in her nighties. She’s my favourite =)

look at her heels! and clutch!

Some inspirations

very Victory Ford


I love wearing skirts. They make women look feminine. But I doubt wearing it sometimes, afraid that I may look shorter and plumper. But wearing it makes me feel i’m on holiday and feels relaxed. I love the way this celebrities and models wear their skirts (and obviously they look good)

Jeans skirt-funky and feminine

red with cream..auwww 😉


lovely and relaxed~

Nicole looks gorgeous in this skirt


cantik sgt sgt sgt =)

wear it with heels..nice!


pink and cream look quite nice together and the huge bag is definitely a great accesory


weedy green and stripes


creamish, i loike =)


light brown skirt with deep red clutch and a pair of red shoes

a nice jacket, a nice handbag, and a gorgeous skirt with beads =)

A skirt looks great if you match it with a clutch/a sling bag and a big bag. They matches almost any type of shoes too. Even the flip flop! (see Jesica Alba above). And you can wear a piece of jacket to get a semi-casual look. There’s no reason not to love skirts! 😉



Cantiknyer dierrrrr

He’s the best!

~A Smile breeds Love~

Cheer Up and Listen To Music~Yeah

~Just Me and You~