1.terung (potong bulat serong)

2.lada besar 3 -4 biji

3. bawang merah 3 biji

4.bawang putih 2 biji

5. isi udang (kopek n bersihkan)




1. goreng terung sampai brownish2. ketepikan.

2. blend lada besar (buang biji), bawang merah and bawang putih.

3.panaskan minyak and tumis bahan yang diblend.

4. masukkan udang.

5.tuggu sampai pecah minyak

6. gaul terung yg digoreng ngan bahan yg ditumis (kejap je)

7. wallah! siap..leh makan ngan nasi..yumm!


ni breakfast org malas: )


1.mee (egg noodle)

2. bawang besar (cincang)

3. udang (dikopek n dibersihkan)

4. sayur

5.sos cili





1.tumis bwg besar,

2.masukkan sos cili n kicap,

3. masuk udang n sayur

4.then masuk mee

5.gaul rata

6.siap ^^,

a fashion guru (Sarah Jessica Parker maybe?)
a personal assistant (Wendy Healy’s has quite a cute and funny one)
a chef
a life coach (maybe the one like Ketut Lier in EAT PRAY LOVE)
a stylist
a make up artist

none of these people will be mine. Start living in reality and face the truth.

in his pyjamas

Are you guys a coffee lover like me? If so, let’s check out a few other ways to drink up your coffee

Hobnobs dipped in coffee:

The humble Hobnob, a digestive biscuit covered on one side with the decadence of milk chocolate, goes particularly well with your coffee. The warmth of the coffee melts the chocolate to just the right consistency, while coffee’s flavour gets into the digestive biscuit and makes it softer and yummier. The danger with this of course is that you won’t know how many you’ve eaten till the empty wrapper stares at you reproachfully.

Coffee and Brownie shake

Chocolate and coffee are two sinful substances that complement each other wonderfully, to the detriment of our waistlines. Crumbling up brownies and putting them at the bottom of a tall glass, and then combining cold coffee with drinking chocolate and milk and pouring the mixture on top of your brownie crumbs is a surefire way to get the best of both coffee and chocolate.

Hot mocha with cream

A mocha is a relatively simple drink to make at home: just combine your coffee and chocolate drink mix in hot water before you add milk and sugar. Top it all off with a swirl of whipped cream and sit down to indulge yourself.

Coffee Yoghurt

As weird as that sounds, this is a far healthier way to indulge in your caffeine craving. Make yourself a small cup of espresso (combine instant coffee with hot water if an espresso machine is beyond your means) and mix in into a pot of yoghurt, adding sugar to taste. The smoothness of the yoghurt and the caffeine of coffee make this a good way to have your caffeine and eat it too.

Cherry coffee

Coffee and fruit combinations might sound counter-intuitive, but this is a good one. Pulp some cherries, preferably in a blender or food processor to achieve a smooth texture that will blend easily with your milk and coffee. If you pick your cherries wisely, you may not even need to add sugar.

ideas taken from:

I’m not a fan of Harry Potter. I never read the books and  watch only 1 of the movies (which made me fall asleep in the cinema). I guess I’m not a fan of fantasy films. However, there is something about Harry Potter I like lately. One of the casts, Emma Watson. I saw her ad in FashionTV. She’s a woman now! I can’t remember when she’d been a teenager. But whatever, look at her in this Burberry ad. She’s a goddess! I’m drooling over Burberry bags and jackets too~hehe


I’ve made a tour into Martha Stewart’s homes (of course through her website), and I came across a few kitchen ideas. Kitchen tends to get messy and smelly. Most of us don’t know how to organize those utensils accordingly. I found some inspirations which might help us to reorganize our kitchen.

1. use glass doors cabinet if you are a visual person.but this tends to make your kitchen  looks crowded.

2. sink is better near the window. i don’t know why but it’s better than under the cabinets.

3. keep a small ladder or stool to get things in higher storage.

He’s the best!

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